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We have launched Polaris Technology Systems with three simple objectives:

     Treat everyone with Respect, Courtesy, and Listen to their needs.

     Provide our Clients with what they need, Not what we can sell them.

     Make technology comfortable, functional, and able to grow with the needs of the users.

Our Logo:

Polaris, Alpha Ursae Minoris, is the bright star closest to the north celestial pole, making it the current north pole star. It is also known as the North Star, the Lode Star, or the Pole star.

Polaris stands almost motionless in the sky, and all the stars of the Northern sky appear to rotate around it. It makes an excellent fixed point from which to draw measurements for celestial navigation and for astrometry.

 Our Commitment to Community:

At Polaris, helping others is an important part of the way we do business. We believe that taking an active role in the local community is a key part of success.

Central to our company culture is a long-term approach to collaboration, built upon a solid commitment of active participation in giving back to our local community.

Our staff has generously given their time and talent to many organizations and look forward to many more years of service in the Springfield/Eugene area.

United Way of Lane County Greenhill Humane Society Mt. Pisgah Arboreutm

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lane County Springfield Public Library

Creswell Public Library Community Veterinary Center


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